Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys


Our “boutique” practice is split between DUI defense, Domestic Violence defense, and other kinds of criminal defense like theft. Throughout the years, we have successfully represented our clients in criminal disputes. Mr. Trivino-Perez has earned a reputation for being honest, straight forward and the best at what he does.  He is well known as a Criminal Defense Lawyer for obtaining results through strategic negotiations and litigation. Recent victories include DUI with bodily injuries, Sex Crimes, First degree burglary, Assault, Harassment as well as a variety of Real Estate and business issues. If you’re in need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys, then look no further.



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Our team is committed to quality legal representation. We strive to provide our clients with the best legal representation available, and leave no stone unturned. If you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys, CA then you’ve come to the right place.

At Trivino Perez & Associates, we have a record of success in dealing with challenging cases. Attorney Wilfredo Trivino-Perez  has handled cases that have been highlighted on media outlets nationwide such as, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, ABC, Fox New and CNN. Our record shows that we know how to effectively manage complex, intense cases that require superior skill and experience.

We represent individuals and businesses in criminal investigations, violations, misdemeanor and felony cases. Mr. Trivino-Perez has successfully resolved criminal cases before an arrest has been made, as well as post arrest through strategic plea bargaining. Mr. Trivino-Perez has successfully resolved countless criminal charges for his clients.


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Trivino Perez & Associates was founded in 2002 by our Managing Attorney, Wilfredo Trivino-Perez, who holds a “SUPERB” rating by AVVO, a well respected member of the bar, and known by his colleagues and peers for his no-nonsense approach to handling all of his cases. Our attorneys and staff adhere to the same standards of excellence.

Mr. Trivino Perez has earned a reputation as a top gun Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys. Additionally, Mr. Trivino-Perez has successfully represented many companies in diverse industries such as: Media, Entertainment, Restaurant Services, Jewelry Industries, Night Club Industries, Health Care Industries, City Governments, Security Services Industries, etc. in a variety of business and commercial litigation cases, as well as in employment issues.


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