COVID related domestic violence information

With the growing pandemic threat, Governor Newsom, on March 19, 2020, issued a stay-at-home order to protect the health and well-being of all Californians and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, being confined to a space round the clock can lead to serious risk of violence for many. Specifically, the well-intentioned stay-at-home order, may very well mean being trapped in confinement with an abusive partner or other violent family member.

The California domestic violence (DV) laws define “abuse” as:

* Physically hurting or trying to hurt someone, intentionally or recklessly;
* Sexual assault;
* Making someone reasonably afraid that they or someone else are about to be seriously hurt (like threats or promises to harm someone); OR
* Behavior like harassing, stalking, threatening, or hitting someone; disturbing someone’s peace; or destroying someone’s personal property.

Moreover, domestic violence is about power and control, and most abusers, in order to gain absolute control, cut a victim off from his/her support systems, such as friends and family. This has been ever more true during the current COVID-19 confinement.

Due to the recent Court scaled-back services and closures, many victims feel they have no recourse or a way out. However, they are not alone, and there are steps a victim of DV can immediately take to protect themselves.

The first step is simply making a call. If in immediate danger call 911. However, if they feel safe enough to use the telephone or have a neighbor or friend place a call for them; then they should call Trivino Perez & Associates (TPA) to help them to get an immediate Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). A domestic violence restraining order, which follows, is a court order that helps protect people from abuse or threats of abuse from someone they have a close relationship with.

Whether they call us or not, please call someone to help get you to safety. No one should stay in a violent relationship.

Trivino Perez & Associates is operating virtually with full access to phone and email communication during our regular business hours. Our physical office is currently closed in adherence to Governor Newsom’s March 19, 2020 Order N-33-20. Please refrain from communication by mail in order to reduce the spread of viruses and other illnesses being transmitted on physical documents.

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