Case Results

3rd DUI – No Jail – Reduced to Reckless Driving

Petty Theft with Priors – Civil Compromise-Dismissed

2nd DUI with Accident – Charged as standard 1st – Prior Dismissed

Domestic Violence – Dismissed

DUI with Serious Injury – No Jail

Assault with Deadly Weapon – Reduced to Simple Assault No Jail following Preliminary Hearing

Child Sexual Molestation – Acquittal after Trial

11-Felony Count Carjacking with Gun Enhancements – Case Dismissed after Preliminary Hearing

Client was facing 20-Years Prison. – Grand Theft – Civil Compromise and Case Dismissed

Domestic Violence – Case Dismissed

Petty Theft – Reduced to Infraction

Domestic Violence – Case Dismissed

Felony Hit and Run – Civil Compromise. Criminal Case Dismissed

Grand Theft – Jail. Reduced to Misdemeanor