11 Felony Counts Dismissed

Mr. Trivino-Perez represented me for 11-felony counts where I was facing over 20-years of jail time.  He was spectacular and took control of the courtroom.  The DA did not stand a chance against Mr. Trivino-Perez.  All charges were dismissed, and I was able to return home with my family—where I belong.  Thank you for your excellence Mr. Trivino-Perez.  I will never forget that you gave me my life back..

– anonymous (5 star review)

Mr.Perez is diligent

Mr.Perez helped me with my tough collision DUI case. He drove miles away from Los Angeles a number of times, in hopes to get me a better deal. He genuinely wants the best outcome for you, and he will try his best to make it happen. Mr.Perez made the possibilities of my sentence clear from the beginning. I never felt that he was selling me a dream. He is easy to get in touch with personally and will make you feel at ease with stress the stress that comes with court dates. Mr.Perez is a gracious lawyer. I found his knowledge to be extremely beneficial, and I am very grateful he represents me. The deal Mr.Perez was able to get me was incredible. I would recommend him to all my loved ones.

– Alexis (5 star review)

Professional License Defense

Mr. Trivino-Perez represented me in front of the Board related to my profession. His expertise and patience definitely allowed a favorable resolution for myself. I strongly suggest you consider Mr. Trivino Perez should you have a Licensing matter in front of your prof. Board.

– anonymous (5 star review)


I can’t thank Mr. Perez enough for his outstanding legal services that he provided me when I needed a Personal Injury attorney. He went over and beyond his ethical & professional duties to prepare & present a winning case on my behalf. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a compassionate & thorough lawyer. I gladly give you 5 Stars Mr. Perez!

– anonymous (5 star review)


I recommended Mr. Trivino-Perez to my sister to help her with her civil case! He was professional and always had her informed of the status and progress! GREAT OUTCOME!

– anonymous (5 star review)

Helping our Community…

Wilfredo Trivino-Perez is a very compassionate human being! Always willing to give a hand to the community in need! I was very impressed with his skills and knowledge!

Mr. Perez helped me with numerous landlord/tenant issues.

– Dr. Angel Mino (5 star review)

A true lawyer with compassion and sense of justice.

Our family shall be eternally thankful to Mr. Trivino-Perez for his great lawyering. he is very compassionate and a warrior in a courtroom setting.

– Norma (5 star review)

An attorney that really fights for justice!

Mr. Triviño-Perez handled a wrongful foreclosure case for me and my family. Thankfully we got our family home back. Mr. Triviño-Perez was very aggressive in defending our home. Thank you.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Stellar Performance

Mr. Trivino took my case on a pro bono basis, yet worked as if I was a regular hourly client. My matter was a work harassment issue. Thank God, due to Mr. Trivino’s talent, I received a great settlement.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Fine Attorney

Definitely someone that you MUST consider for any legal matters. Handled an Administrative Law matter involving possible suspension of a Professional License for me. Was able to resolve it in a matter I saw impossible at the time. Knowledge, integrity and results. Thank You Mr. Trivino.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Superb Advocacy

Employment matter handled superbly. Mr. Trivino-Perez was thorough and always one step ahead. Thank you for everything Mr. Trivino-Perez.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Fantastic Attorney!!!!!

When other lawyer’s said we could not win—Mr Trivino-Perez, saw the case from a different angle. WE WON!!!!! Mr. Trivino-Perez is the best lawyer in the world.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Will, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and never giving up. Yesterday’s victory gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful. You truly are the best lawyer and best human being!

– anonymous review